NAKISHKKA by Flo & Camila

_A chocolate spongecake
_Chantilly whipped cream
_A bar of chocolate
_Dulce de leche
_Chocolate sauce

1_Make or buy a chocolate spongecake (2 lays)
2_Cut it in small squares
3_Cover the bottom lay with dulce de leche and put the other lay on top
4_Cover it with with cahntilly whipped cream
5_Add the chocolate sauce
6_Put little pieces of chocolate all over the mixture
7_Cut a strawberry in the middle and put half a strawberry on top


FRUITCKLETS by Hernán & Manuel

- 18 paper cones
- 2 packet of FRUTIGELATIN
- 1 packet of ROCKLETS

1º Open the packet of FRUTIGELATIN
2º Put them into the cone
3º Open the packet of ROCKLETS
4º Put them into the cone
5º Cover the cone with plastic
6º If you want have it cold put the cone with the ingredients in the freezer
7º Enjoy your FRUITCKLETS!


Pallea Pallea

If you delete this video you will have the curse of the Pallea and when you are sleeping a man with a saucepan in his hands is going to appear an he will kill you screaming: Pallea Pallea!!!