Luu - Favourite free-time activity

 One of my favourite activities is to play the guitar. I've been doing it since last year. I have classes on Saturday morning. I do this activity with Camila, Iara and Cristela. It's really fun to go with them! We haven't entered a competition. Every year there is a "concert" of the music school. It hasn't got a prize, so we haven't won anything.
 I enjoy doing this because it's great to play music on your own, not just listen to it. I also think it makes you cleverer (or something like that says a banner in the classroom).


Yapeyu Sports Cup

Hi! What have you been up to? Well, I am writing to tell you about my experience in the Yapeyu Sports Cup.
At the beginning of that day, I arrived to the Sports Campus and I met my friends there. It was a very cold morning. We raised up the flag and opened the Yapeyu Sports Cup presenting our choreography. That wasn't a good moment because we felt very afraid of what people could say when they saw us. We were very nervous, too, because some of my friends haven't danced in front of a lot of people before. For us, it was ok. I have some bad news too: we had some mistakes and I think some people didn't like what we did because of that, but I wasn't scared of people who could laugh at us after all! We watched the other sports matches there and in the end, everybody stayed there just to know which school won a prize. Our school didn't win a lot of prizes but I had a very good time there!
Waiting four your reply.

My Favourite Free-Time Activity


My favourite activity is Netball. I have been doing this sportsince the beggining of the year. I practise this sport twice a week. And I practise it in the Sport Campus with my friends ( Iara, Emilia, Valentina, Camila, Nicole, Nicole, Ayelén, Agustina, Rocío, Jazmín, among others.) Last friday my team and me entered the Yapeyú Sports Cup. We didn´t win, but we had fun. I´ve never won a prize or a medal because I´ve been done this sport for a short time.
I enjoy a competition because we have fun and we meet and make new friends. In my opinion net-ball is a great sport. Another thing is that sport is interesting. I also believe that you have to play good and rude if you want to win. In definitly think that I´d like to play "Cesto" in this moment!

By Cristela

My favourite free-time activity-Camila

My favourite free-time activity is to play netball, and I do it at school.Ipractice netball twice a week.I have done it for 1 year, 2008, since March.I like netball because it`s fun and it is a very good activity for my body because it`s a sport.I practice it withmy friends. We play netball at competitions, for example the "Copa Yapeyu".

We`re not the best in the game, because we lost all the matches we play, but it`s fun to play. Netball is a sport for girls, but the boys can play, too.There are 6 persons and 3 positions in each team.To win a netball game you have to play in group and do a fair play.

In conclusion, netball is my favourite sport.

Alan's Article

My fave activity is called basketball. It is played with a ball that is bounced for the players. I have been doing it since I had eight years. I train every wednesday and friday in my school and some thursdays in the Corrientes Regatas Club. I have been doing it with my best friend Hernan. We have taken part in a lot of competitions and in some competitions we have won something like a medal or a prize.
I enjoy this sport because i can be active in it. In my opinion it is a fabulous sport. However, if you want to be an excelent player, you have to practise a lot of time your passes and your throws.

Yapeyu Sports Cup

Hi! What have you been up to? Well, I am writing to tell you about my experience in the Yapeyu Sports Cup.
At the beginning of that day, I arrived to the Sports Campus and I met my friends there. It was a very cold morning. We raised up the flag and opened the Yapeyu Sports Cup presenting our choreography. That wasn't a good moment because we felt very afraid of what people could say when they saw us. We were very nervous, too, because some of my friends haven't danced in front of a lot of people before. For us, it was ok. I have some bad news too: we had some mistakes and I think some people didn't like what we did because of that, but I wasn't scared of people who could laugh at us after all! We watched the other sports matches there and in the end, everybody stayed there just to know which school won a prize. Our school didn't win a lot of prizes but I had a very good time there!
Waiting four your reply.

An Article - My Favourite Free-Time Activity

My favourite activity is called Aerobics. I've been doing that for one year, since March. I do this every Wednesday and Friday, with all my partners who chosed that sport field. There we dance and do some excercises with the body. I haven't enter a competition but we had presented a choreography. There, gimnastics are very important and we have to be very creative when it's time to invent new dancing steps.
I like it because of that two things I said before. Some people consider Aerobics like a sport which is not done in a group, but I definitely think they're wrong. In my opinion it's not too easy or difficult and it helps me a lot.


My favourite sport : Netball (Iara)

My favourite activity is netball. I have been doing it since this year, in Yapeyú´s school. I do this activity on wednesdays and fridays with my friends and partners of the school. With this sport me and my partners entered "The Yapeyú Cup", but we lost. We have never won anything. Netball is a sport that is played with a small ball, and it is only played with hands, between two groups of six players.
I think that the netball is a very good and fun sport, and very, very easy to learn. In my opinion you have to play this sport.

Bye Iara.




I just wanted to share some photos of my new pet. It's a dog that I adopted in Mitre park some weeks ago. Her name is Barcelona and she's a month and a half old.

She likes playing with my other dog Princesa and biting her ear.
Isn't she really cute?
Miss Mariana


ARTICLE - All about my favourite sport (HERNÁN)

My favourite sport is Basketball. I have been doing it since 4 years old. I do it twice a week, but sometimes I do it three times a week. Two of them I do it in school and the other time I do it in REGATAS. I have entered a championship with the school team. It was the "YAPEYÚ SPORTS cup". We didn't win, but we had an excellent experience.
I enjoy playing basketball because I like team games and I like to run to put the ball in the net. Another thing is that this sport helps you to grow up and I like that. In my opinion this sport is the most interesting. I´m not going to change this sport for any other.

An article-Manuel

My favorite free-time activity is playing basketball. I started to play basketball in a club, when I was nine but one year later I didn’t go any more. Now I started playing basketball again in Yapeyu School with my friends, I go twice a week. We participated in one cup, the yapeyu cup, but we lost. I’ve never won anything yet.
I definitely think Basketball is amazing, I like it very, very much.If I have to choose one sport, I will choose Basketball. When I started I didn’t like it very much but now I can’t stop playing!


My espirience (experience) in the copa yapeyú (Juani)

Dear Teacher:

My experience in the copa yapeyú was fantastic. I played a lot of Basketball matches, but we lose all the games; we suck, the other kids win all the matches, but however I have fun to. wen we finish the matches I went to eat in the ditribution center. i was berry hungry.

In my extra time in the copa yapeyu im go (I WENT) to see how the other games (voc) was(gr). i see (gr) rugby, futbol (sp) and basketball. Then I play (gr) other games of basket (voc) and eat (gr) somefind (sp) and i was in the campo deportivo at (FROM) 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and go (gr) to my house to see (voc) TV and sleep somefind (iw) to have strog (TO HAVE THE ENERGY) to go out with friends LATER.


My article (Juani) (Sports)

My favorite active (ACTIVITY) called is (IS CALLED) basquet (BASKETBALL)- im (I'VE BEEN ) doing this sport has long has (FOR) 1 year ago (iw). im (I DO) do this sport on wendsdays (sp) and fridays. on agost (sp) 29 (almudena's brithday (sp)) im (I) had the copa yapeyu ^ was so coll (sp), ^ play (gr) this (AGAINST) other kids. im do basquet whith (I PLAY BASKETBALL WITH) all my friends at scoll (sp). we won a macht (sp) ^ was yapeyu VS informatica.

i like this sport because ^ is funny (FUN), you play ^ in groups and you lern (sp) respect ^ other teams. I definitely think is (THAT) you dont hurt ^so much when you play basketball.




Ice Roll

Hi!, this is our recipe
hope you like it.


3 rolls.
1 kilo of ice-cream.
1 pot of dulce de leche.
mini rocklets or strawberries.

Put 2 rolls on the oven dish.
Cover the rolls with dulce de leche.
Put 1 roll on the (iw) top of the other.
Cover the cake with ice-cream.
Serve them (gr) cold with strawberries or mini rocklets

Almudena And Emilia.



Chantilly Ice-Cream By Cris and Iara


  • 1 Kg Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Ice- Cream.

  • 1 Pot whipped Chantilly Cream.

  • 6 Strawberries.

  • 2 Chocolate Bars.

  • Chocochips.

  • 1 Bowl.

  • Chocolate Sauce.

1) Buy the ingredients.

2) Put the Ice-Cream in the bowl.

3) Cover the top with Chantilly Cream.

4) Add Chocolate Sauce.

5) Grate the Chocolate and put it on top of the Chantilly Cream.

6) Add Chocochips.

7) Chop the Strawberries and put two of them on top of the Chantilly Cream.

8) Put it in the freezer.

9) Serve it cold .

Luu, Akemi and Gregorio's recipe: 3 Ice-creams

"Chocolate Bomb"

*Americana (voc) ^ Ice-cream 1kg
*Cocoa powder 2 teaspons
*Ice-cream cones 8

1)Put the ice-cream on the cones
2) Put the cocoa powder like a circle on the ice-cream

"Cookies ice-cream"

*Americana Ice-cream 1kg
*Oreo cookies
*Ice-cream cones

1)Smash the cookies
2)Put them on the ice-cream
3)Put the ice-cream on the cones

"Palitos de la selva ice-cream"

*A bag of palitos de la selva candies
*Americana (voc) ^ ice-cream 1kg
*Ice-cream cones

1)Chop the candies
2)Put them in the ice-cream
3) Put the ice-cream on the cones

World Ice Waffles ®


- Waffles Dough (3 per table)

- Ice-Cream (2 kilos)

- Wafers (6 packs)

- Dulce de Leche ( 1 kilo)

- Mouse (sp) of Chocolate (750 ml.)

- Cheese.


• Put the Dulce de Leche on the Waffles Dough

• Add the Ice-Cream on the (iw) top of the waffles, and then one wafer.

• Add Some Chocolate on the top.

• Then, add some grated cheese on the (iw) top of the mixture.


* We are not responsable, if you have "Secuendary (sp) Effects".

By: Juan Gutnisky
- Agustín Rodriguez
- Mauro Valmaggia
- Juan Ignacio Piasentini.



Here we are, ready to taste the delicious recipes


STRAWBERRY CUP by Maite & Valentina


.5 strawberries per cup serving
.1 kilo vanilla ice-cream
.strawberry sauce
.Cookies 2 per cup serving

1_Smash the strawberries
2_Put them in a cup
3_Add the vanilla ice-cream
4_Add the strawberry sauce and the cookies
5_Put it in the fridge for 15 minutes
6_Serve it cold


NAKISHKKA by Flo & Camila

_A chocolate spongecake
_Chantilly whipped cream
_A bar of chocolate
_Dulce de leche
_Chocolate sauce

1_Make or buy a chocolate spongecake (2 lays)
2_Cut it in small squares
3_Cover the bottom lay with dulce de leche and put the other lay on top
4_Cover it with with cahntilly whipped cream
5_Add the chocolate sauce
6_Put little pieces of chocolate all over the mixture
7_Cut a strawberry in the middle and put half a strawberry on top


FRUITCKLETS by Hernán & Manuel

- 18 paper cones
- 2 packet of FRUTIGELATIN
- 1 packet of ROCKLETS

1º Open the packet of FRUTIGELATIN
2º Put them into the cone
3º Open the packet of ROCKLETS
4º Put them into the cone
5º Cover the cone with plastic
6º If you want have it cold put the cone with the ingredients in the freezer
7º Enjoy your FRUITCKLETS!


Pallea Pallea

If you delete this video you will have the curse of the Pallea and when you are sleeping a man with a saucepan in his hands is going to appear an he will kill you screaming: Pallea Pallea!!!


I love Omar!!!

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Lara and Me - Alan

My cousin's name is Lara. To have a cousin like Lara is great most of the time.
Lara is very cherful (sp), for me. She is the one who i call when I am bored. She is the first of all to kiss ^ or hug me, but I don't like that. A part from that, she is very funny.
However, she is very annoying. The most annoying thing about her is when we fight. I can't stand her when she is very stubborn.
We're both interested in acting. Her favourite pastime is to say silly things, She is keen on that.
But above all, she is my better (gr) cousin.


my cousin - akemi

My cousin's name is Federico and he lives in Recistencia (sp).

He is very shy and stubborn but the (iw) most ^^ time he is very friendly and polite.When I have a problem with my celphone I always call him, he always help (gr) me with everything.

Federico´s hobbies are (gr) watching Naruto, Pokemón and Cahotic. We are only interesting (gr) in one thing : travel (gr) because when It´s holiday I travel to (gr) everywhere with him. Sometimes i don´t like him too mutch but ^ is my cousin.

holiday postcard

hi Maca,

how are you? I´m excellent because I´m in a hotel under the water. I´m with my family, of course.This hotel is very expensive and amazing because when you look trough (sp) the window you can see a lot of fish. All (iw) the days here ^ amazing but yesterday was the best day because i went to SPA and I really like It. It have (gr) a very big jaussi (sp) and a very big swimming pool.

I´m going to tell you all when I arrive.

BYE ,Akemi

postcard and description of a person (by mauro)

hi mum:
I go to (gr) Antananarivo (capital of madagascar) . I'm staying in a water hotel. I'm with my friends. I go (gr) to Argentina in a month , don't worry. This hotel it's (gr) so expesive (sp), but I have money.This place is exiting (sp), but it's very cold ; I'm freezing because the hotel is under the water (in the sea). It's horrible because I eat fish everyday In the (gr) breackfast ,in the lunch, in the dinner (everyday). In (gr) the weekend I go (gr) to (iw) scoobadiving (sp) in the sea
goo bye (sp)

and the photo to go with your postcard?

description of a person:
My friend's name is Franco. I (gr)live in the same neighbourhood.
Franco is very calm, outgoing ,polite, cheerfull (sp) and very active.He is a good listener

Franco is a bit badtemper (sp) and negaty(voc)

his favourite jobby (sp) is playing football , pes 2008 and counter strike. he likes drawing, listening to music and he likes cars

Franco is complicated but I like him. He has been my friend for a long time (8 years ago (iw))


A description of a person:Nicolas

Nicolas is my brother and my friend. He is older than me because He have (gr) 16 years old and I have (gr) 12 years old.
Nicolas ^good qualities: He is very cheerful and intelligent. Apart from that, He are very funny .
Nicolas ^ bad qualities, too: He is bad tempered and confident (this is not a bad quality).
Her hobbie is ^ do mini things with all kinds of materials.
Nicolas likes foootball and basquetball (sp). He like (gr) play (gr) with the computer and the play station.
Nicolas play (gr) much (gr) with me. Will play play station , computer games and football.
My opinion of Nicolas is that He are (gr) a good person, a good friend and a good brother.


Description of Santiago - Gregorio

Santiago Ojeda Leone is my best friend here at Yapeyú School. He is 11 years old and his birthday is in August.I met him in my first day in this school.
He is the one who helps me a lot. He is cheerful and funny. We play a lot and sometimes we go to a Regatas match.
However,he could be very talkative, so sometimes, I can't do the activities at school.
We are both interested in Art and we like drawing.
Santiago is a good person and he helps me a lot.



Hi kids!

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Miss Mariana

Gregorio - Holiday Postcard

Hi Mum!
I'm in the United States, in Disney. There are a lot of restaurants, games and parks. But I am not in an usual place. I am in an underwater hotel! It is expensive, but it is very beautiful. I can see fishes and whales swimming in the ocean. You can also take classes of scuba-diving. Last Saturday, I went scuba-diving with my friends and I saw a shark! When I have lunch, I eat a lot of...fish. Okay, now, at the moment I am entering Disney World. I will go to every game, except for Submarine Adventure.You know why.

See you soon,

Watimech - Alan

Hey Brad! What's Up?
How r u? I'm in my own hour. can you understand me? LOL, look, I'm in Canada, in a hostel , better said, "Watch Hostel", yes, because it have (gr) got ^ form (voc) shape of a watch. It is awesome. The name of the hostel is "Watimech". When u want to see all the city, you can go to the windows and see that. If u want to enter on (iw) the room, u need a special watch that tell (gr) u a special hour that u must say to the door of the room, and there (gr) u can pass. Well, good luck!
See you soon! Alan.


Hi everybody! I'm Alan. I'm 12 years old. I live in Corrientes, Argentina. I go to the (iw) Yapeyu School. I was born in Posadas, Misiones. I have got a dog called "Manchitas", but the real name is Manchas. Hernán, one of my best friends, has got a dog called Manchitas too, but it is younger than mine. I like the (iw) maths! and English! I am not very well (voc) in (gr) English, but I want to speak english like a real American, so, If I go to America or England I will understand about what they talk (wo)!
Ok, I writed (gr) a lot, I think, so, Goodbye!
Alan Nicolás Bécker Capuyá


My holiday postcard-Manuel

Hi, mum!

Bariloche is amazing, I like the snow. Im are in (gr) ^ hotel ...underground!!, Is very very hot, her name is Underground. This hotel is very dark, so in all places have lights, my room is big and my bed very comfy. I eat all the foods... freezing!
Yesterday I went skiing, I skiing very well, too. I went to the airchear (voc).was amazing and I found (voc)... remember my friend Carlos? I found (gr) them when I going to skiing.
Tomorrow I going to climb a mountain, this mountain have one thousand meters , I doing that in the morning on the afternoon I going to buy somethings chocolates for you and for dad.



My holiday postcard-Emilia

Hi, im in a hostel under the ground! it is awesome and it has some elevators to go up. Don't worry, it isn't dirty, it's actually very clean,.It is very hot here, but it is ok. It has a big garden with four swimming pool (gr)! we've got some tours, i love this holiday, im having a lot of fun , (punctuation) yesterday we went to a museum and there were bones of dinosaurs! ^ is (gr) amazing, we went to restaurants whit (sp) sows (???), of cours (sp) always under the ground. I made (gr) a lot of friends, they are very funny, there (gr) names are Clara, Florencia, Daniela and Josefina.Ok mum, i have to go
see you soon.

love, Emilia.
Remember to use CAPITAL LETTERS at the beginning of a sentence and when you write the pronoun "I"

Pd.: here are some pictures of the hostel.

A description of a friend- Juan - Guiseppe

Guiseppe is my best friend. We have been friends since the kinder garden. We are always together. We play music together, he always helps me when I am sad but sometimes he is very bossy he has brown hair, brown eyes. He plays football all the time. he's keen on football. He is my best friend. He's good with people and he plays the guitar very well .



Description of my brother- Valen

My brother's name is Marcos. He is 10 years old.
Marcos is very cheerful and active. He is the one who I turn to whenever I've got a problem. When I'm feeling down, he always helps me cheer up. In addition , he is a computer-freak.
He can be really stubborn. The most annoying thing about him is that he's a little bad tempered.
We're both interested in music . His favourite hobby is playing football, but I'm not too keen on that.
I like Marcos. And he's a good brother!

Description of a friend-Agustín

My friend Giuseppe is taller than me, he have a (iw) got sense of humor, we met in 4th grade of kindergarden, he is one of my best friends . He is a little crazy sometimes, his hobbies are play (gr) football and chat (gr).

Agustín, this description is really short. You need to write , at least 100 words!

Holiday Postcard-Agustín

Hi mum,
I writhe (gr) this from Madrid, Spain, it's everything find (gr / sp / wo), im staying in (gr) an (gr) "Hamaca"(voc) hammock in a park, ^ is not really comfy, there's (gr) a lot of insects in the (iw) night. Yesterday, I travel (gr) to Barcelona, that's a great place, there's a lot of good people and the city is very beautiful. I eat (gr) "Gazpacho", this is an (gr) type of soap (sp) but cold. Them (sp) I go (gr) to Madrid, and I search (voc) ^ a place to stay, then I found this park and I buy (gr) the "Hamaca" (voc) to an (gr) street seller.
See you soon


All About Luu!!- Florencia

My friend's name is Lucila. I met her at school eight years ago.
Lucila is very calm, clever, polite and cheerful. She is a good listener too. She's the one who I turn to when I've got a problem. She also understands me. First of all, I like her because she's really funny. Apart from that, she's very nice.
She is a bit stubborn and bad tempered. However, the most annoying thing about her is that sometimes she's a negative person. I can't stand her when she won't listen to me when I try to help her.
We are both interested in talking on the phone. Her favourite hobby is playing the computer. She is keen on keeping secrets (most of the times).
I Think she's a difficult person to be with, but after all, she's very good friend.


About Florencia
One of my friends is Florencia. I met her at school 8 years ago.
Florencia is quite calm and shy. She's the one who listens to my stupid conversations :). She's clever, and she's also sometimes polite
Florencia is a bit bad-tempered. The most annoying thing about her is her negativity.
We are both interested in the same music. Her favourite hobbies are to dance hip hop and to sing. She's into TV programs that I not watch, but I thing that they are interesting.
We argue sometimes, but I like her anyway. :)

Lu, the description should be a bit longer than this. About 100 words.

Holiday Postcard-Florencia

Hi, Rachel
I'm in a Water Hotel in Paris!! Like the name says, it's a hotel of water. If you look at it from the outside, it looks like a normal place, but if you get inside here, you can walk on a wide hall, that has a floor that is covering the water. If you look down, you will see all the enormous fishes that are swimming there.
This hotel is underwater, and if you want to come, you have to walk around ten floors downstairs.
In my room there is an ice bath. I'm not cold when I have a shower there and I don't know why. My soap is made of crystal; and my bed is a sleeping bag of hot water. I nearly forgot about the elevators; they are not like the ones everybody knows; they are like a long tube made of glass, where you have to swim (in the water, of course) up or down depending on the floor you want to go to.
Don't worry, here the water has an special kind of oxigen which makes us breath.
Take care,
Your friend, Flor.


All about Kevin

My brother´s name is Kevin. He is 15 years old.
Kevin is very cheerful and he´s active and confident. First of all, he is a good person. Also, he is outgoing and he has many friends.
Kevin can be really stubborn. The most annoying thing about him is that he´s a bit bossy and he always bothers me.
He likes sports. Kevin´s favourite pastime is playing tennis, he loves tennis. I´m not too keen on that. We both talk and play computer games together, but sometimes he does not let to (iw) me use it.
I like Kevin. He´s a funny person.




One of my friend´s name is Florencia. She´s 12 years old. And her house is very far from mine.

Florencia is very cheerful and friendly. In addition, she´s a good listener. When I´ve got a problem she helps me, those are the reasons why she´s my friend.

She´s sometimes shy, stubborn and bossy, but she´s a very good person. We often argue and fight.

Her favourite pastime is playing the piano. I´m not too keen on that. I like playing the guitar.

I like Florencia. She´s a very good person and a good friend!


"My Holidays" - (Cristela)

Hi mum,

I´m staying in (gr) a very UNUSUAL place, in a hotel that is in a pyramid. (This hotel is in Egypt). I really enjoy this holiday because we did many interesting things. For example, on Monday we visited "The Egyptcian (sp) museum", on Tuesday we saw some mummies. On Wednesday, we went to the theatre and we saw "Cleopatra and Julio César". It was very interesting and funny. On Thursday we went to the "Nilo´s River" and there I touched a crocodile! That was awesome. Today in the morning we went to the museum again, because Camila forgot her camera there, but we couldn´t find it (Poor Camila). Tomorrow we´re going to see where Tutankamon died.

See you next weekend,

My Grandmother- Juanchi

Her Name is Graciela, but all of my family, my friend (gr), and her friend (gr), call her "Cucuca".
She is really polite, very active, outgoing and calm. She is the one who is always happy, only in the very bad situations she is not smiling. Apart from that, she is a great person, she is always with me , when I need her. First of all,^ is a very christian person and a really good person, too.
The most annoying thing about her, is, when she says "I am Fat" and, when she is angry, she is really angry.
Her favorites hobbies are playing paddle and playing cards with her friends. I really Like her.

- Juaanchi

My Holiday- Juanchi

Hi Mum!
Im in Disney World!. It´s very, but very Funny!. The Hotel is perfect!, ^ is like a France (gr) Hotel! the food for (iw) today was delicious, and the bed are (gr) very soft and confortable (sp). The 2 park (gr) that I visit (gr), were really exciting, but the most exciting game was "Circle of Life". Tonight, I ^ going to go to "Downtown Disney". I Think that I ^ going to stay only a week more in The UNITED STATES.
Byee Mum.
Your Son, Juanchi.
- Epcot !!!

My brother- Camiila

My brother`s name is Renzo.He is 8 years old.
Renzo is intelligent at school, and he`s very funny.He`s good at drawing.
The most annoying thing about him is that he often bothers me. I cant`t stand him when he is very talkative, and selfish.
Renzo and I do everythings together.We ride on the bike, go to school, sometimes play, and do the homework together. Renzo`s favourite pastime is playing football, drawing, and playing with his friends.
He`s good at football, but I don`t play with him because I`am not very good at this sport.
I like Renzo.He bothers me, but it is sometimes funny to be with him.


Camii ,




-My dad´s name is Cesar Rodolfo. He´s 44 years old. We have a very good relationship.
He´s very active and sporty. He´s the one who taught me sports when I was 3 or 4 years old.
First of all, I like him because he isn´t bad-tempered. He´s always happy. In addition, he´s a very good worker, confident and outgoing. Apart from that he´s very romatic.
The bad things that he has are that he isn´t very intelligent and he´s a bit stubborn. He never changes his opinions.
We´re both interested in sports. It´s his favourite hobbie. He´s very keen on that.
I like him. He´s a very good person. I feel happy that he is my father.


Hi mum!
I wanted to write to you because I want to leave Australia. The landscapes are beautiful, but the problem is that the hotel isn´t a 5* hotel, It´s a hostel. It´s horrible. The name is "Confortable" but I don´t know why. It has chairs from the 50´s and the walls aren´t painted. The rooms have only (wo) a bed and a window. The hostel has only one bathroom for all of the building. You must stay more than 8 days and you must sleep at 11:00 p.m. It has candles. I give an advice: "don´t stay at this hostel". It´s horrible and when they tell you that the hotel is 4,5,6 or 7* ask to visit it before booking a room and have a look.
See you on Monday.