"My Holidays" - (Cristela)

Hi mum,

I´m staying in (gr) a very UNUSUAL place, in a hotel that is in a pyramid. (This hotel is in Egypt). I really enjoy this holiday because we did many interesting things. For example, on Monday we visited "The Egyptcian (sp) museum", on Tuesday we saw some mummies. On Wednesday, we went to the theatre and we saw "Cleopatra and Julio César". It was very interesting and funny. On Thursday we went to the "Nilo´s River" and there I touched a crocodile! That was awesome. Today in the morning we went to the museum again, because Camila forgot her camera there, but we couldn´t find it (Poor Camila). Tomorrow we´re going to see where Tutankamon died.

See you next weekend,

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Luu said...

Hi! :P
I like your postcard.
Ha ha Camila losed her cameraa
Not really!!

Bye :P