Yapeyu Sports Cup

Hi! What have you been up to? Well, I am writing to tell you about my experience in the Yapeyu Sports Cup.
At the beginning of that day, I arrived to the Sports Campus and I met my friends there. It was a very cold morning. We raised up the flag and opened the Yapeyu Sports Cup presenting our choreography. That wasn't a good moment because we felt very afraid of what people could say when they saw us. We were very nervous, too, because some of my friends haven't danced in front of a lot of people before. For us, it was ok. I have some bad news too: we had some mistakes and I think some people didn't like what we did because of that, but I wasn't scared of people who could laugh at us after all! We watched the other sports matches there and in the end, everybody stayed there just to know which school won a prize. Our school didn't win a lot of prizes but I had a very good time there!
Waiting four your reply.

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